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In addition to distributor rebuilding, Vintage Werks offers a rebuilding service for early Solex carburetors of the type used on 25hp and 36hp VW beetle and transporter engines. These include the 26 VFIS and 28 PCI versions. More recently at the request of customers, we now offer rebuilding services of early automatic choke carburetors used on 40hp and 1300/1500 VW engines. These include the Solex 28 PICT, 28 PICT-1, 28 PICT-2 and 30 PICT-1 variants.

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Vintage Werks carburetor restoration involves complete disassembly of each carburetor we receive followed by a thorough cleaning of all parts.  Cleaning includes a solvent wash and for metal parts, blasting with a very fine resin media that polished surfaces without unnecessary abrasion. Special care is exercised in bead blasting carburetor body elements to remove dirt, oxidation and discoloration while resurecting the original casting finish and imperfections. This is in contrast to many other rebuilders who either do not effectively clean the bodies or use abrasives or pressure settings that ruin the original appearance. Smaller hardware parts such as machine screws, clips, springs, washers and nuts, if reusable, are then plated in clear zinc.  Before blasting the carburetor mating surfaces are carefully faced to create a flat contact that will assure secure seating between the carburetor top and base and between the base and manifold. At this time, the butterfly and main throttle shaft is removed and examined for wear.  If excess wear is noted, an oversize throttle shaft which we have had manufactured for the purpose will be fitted--this service is an additional cost. Once bead blasted, all larger parts are washed thoroughly again in solvent to remove any residual blast media.  The throttle shaft and butterfly are then put in the base and the carburetor reassembled with the plated hardware. Care is taken to assure the linkage works smoothly and the ball checks on the accelerator pump are properly functioning. The carburetor is returned to you ready to bolt back on the manifold of your 25hp, 36hp, 40hp or later VW engine complete with gasket and mounting hardware.

About the Throttle Shaft:  Original design of the Solex carburetor utilized a lead-zinc alloy for the throttle body castings, the lead providing lubrication for the throttle shaft. Although very sturdy, with time shaft wear and play eventually result often leading to erratic engine running, stalling on deceleration, etc. The common repair offered by our competitors has been to bush the throttle body. Sadly, the common material chosen for the bushings is brass which has no intrinsic lubricating capability. This leads to accelerated wear on the throttle shaft. Nor does this form of repair address wear on the throttle shaft. Our approach has been to have oversize throttle shafts manufactured. These are then fitted following machining out of the throttle body. This repair has the advantage of correcting wear to both the throttle body and shaft and is a superior method.

Vintage Werks charges a minimum labor rate of $195 for a basic carburetor rebuild. Any parts used or special machining to repair damage or wear, as well as nominal fees for plating services and shipping, are additional. Your carburetor is returned shipped to you with flange gasket ready to install.